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EPIONE Skin Care Tricolor LED Mask

EPIONE Skin Care Tricolor LED Mask

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The EPIONE Skin Care Tricolor LED Mask uses red, blue, and orange light therapy to penetrate deep into the skin to target signs of aging and help prevent blemishes and discoloration.

  • Red Light (620-750nm): Helps increase collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Blue Light (476-795nm): Helps reduces blemishes, kill bacteria, and tighten skin.  
  • Orange Light (590-620nm): Helps smooth skin and reduce redness.

Precautions: To avoid cross contamination, do not share the device with other people. Single person use only. Do not use if the device is visibly damaged. Never attempt to open or repair the device. Do not store near heat or hot surfaces. Do not get water or other liquids inside any part of the device. Do not use without the protective eye goggles provided. Do not use while walking, driving, or any other activity requiring eyes to be open. Do not use device if your skin is light sensitive or if you are currently using medication that may cause sensitivity of skin to light. Discontinue use if you experience any discomfort, reddening, or discoloration lasting more than 24 hours.  Consult your medical provider before use.


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